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Jewellery Maintenance

Pearls It is said about pearls that they become even more beautiful when used. It is also true that the heat from the skin can give life to the pearls, but they can still look colourless and worn if they are not being cleaned properly. Therefore, frequently use a soft cloth to remove traces of sweat, creams, soaps or impurities. Please also note that pearls are anorganic material that easily gets harmed. Therefore they do not toleratethe substances from perfumes or hair spray, and in some cases may alsobe harmed by certain types of medication excreted through the skin.

Pearl Chains Usually the string in your string of pearls is made of silk. This means that it can be tender, and the knots can attract dirt and come to look dull. So be sure to change strings annually, and if you wear the necklace every day, you should do this every six months.



Jewellery collects dust, gets greyish and receive grease from fingers and skin which make them look dull and uninteresting.is recommendable once a week to put the jewellery into a small luke warm “bath” with a little dish soap and then dry them with a soft cloth. In this way you can remove dirt and grease and thus keep the silky shine surface. In general it is recommended to take off your jewellery at night, when washing your hands, during sunbathing and sports. By wearing your jewellery every day and night you will wear and tear them unnecessarily.



All kinds of silver surfaces will eventually change in time - so will plated silver. It is a chemical process which cannot be avoided. Therefore put your jewellery in a small cotton- or plastic bag when not in use. Pay attention to materials like leather and synthetic leather - which are inclined to darken your silver.



Gold platings and other surface platings will be worn in time . But cleaning your jewellery from sweat, creme, perfume etc. makes the surface plating last longer. Also certain kinds of medicine may affect the surface. The durability of the plating depends very much of the person wearing the jewellery. Some persons skin contains more acid which affects the platings.



Silk bracelets should be hand washed in special silk washing and can be ironed easily without disappearance of the wrinkled look.



Gold plating is recommended once a year. The jewellery can be repaired and adjusted. Especially rings can be made smaller and bigger, but please note that when repairing gold plated jewellery it will need a new gold plating. All repairs and adjustment can be done by your local goldsmiths.


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